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ПКВЯз. Англ. Базовый курс для лингвистов (0163) , модуль 4 - Темы творческих работ (эссе) СГА

  • An interview
  • At the Doctor’s
  • Business in England and Russia
  • Environmental protection in England and Russia
  • First Conditional in English
  • Health and Food
  • Homework assignment in English, how to handle it
  • If + Present Simple, Future simple in English
  • Imperative sentences / in English
  • Japan, the country of rising sun
  • Money, how to make them today
  • Newspapers and magazines in England and Russia
  • Phrasal verbs in English
  • Pollution and the environment
  • Proverbs in English
  • Reading a newspaper article
  • Shops and shopping in England and Russia
  • Skills training
  • Television in England and Russia
  • The Queen’s day
  • The radio in England and Russia
  • Various services around the world
  • Your daily routines
  • Your favourite FM station
  • Your favourite TV programme
  • Zero Conditional in English

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