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Англ. яз. Профессиональный язык для экономистов (0314) , модуль 5 - Темы творческих работ (эссе) СГА

  • Auditing in russia
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Concentration of revenue sources
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Double taxation
  • EU withholding tax would be a useless piece of bureaucracy
  • Euro Pressures help spur French savings reforms
  • Evasion of tax obligations
  • Independent Auditor’s Report
  • Minimization of collection lags
  • Misuse of Public Funds
  • Performing an audit
  • Protecting consumers is big part of reforming bank law
  • Russia and WTO
  • System of self-assessment
  • Tax Administration
  • Tax assessments of taxes
  • Tax Havens Explained
  • Tax neutrality
  • Tax Reform in Developing Countries
  • Tax System Design
  • Taxation in russia
  • The British Government’s programme of tax reform
  • What are taxes?
  • What is an excise duty?

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