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Английский язык. Базовый курс для нелингвистов (курс 1) (4414) , модуль 4 - Темы творческих работ (эссе) СГА

  • Arthur Conan Doyle and his role in English literature
  • Canada. Geography and population
  • Contract – what is it?
  • Different seasons – different clothes
  • Extreme sports
  • Famous political figures
  • Important events in the history
  • Jack London and his role in American literature
  • Life and death of famous people
  • Mobile communications
  • Olympic Games
  • The art of advertising
  • The economy of the United Kingdom
  • The Economy Of The United States Of America
  • The history of inventions and discoveries
  • We eat to live but not live to eat
  • What I like to spend money and why
  • What is economy
  • What is the World Wide Web and a brief history of the Internet

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