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ПКВЯз АНГЛ Базовый курс для лингвистов ( курс 1) (4570) , модуль 2 - Темы творческих работ (эссе) СГА

  • A glass of beer. How people spend their evenings in The UK
  • A photograph album
  • At the hairdressers
  • Can / can’t, could / couldn’t and other modal verbs in English
  • Communication in English
  • Communication in your native tongue
  • Comparison degrees of adjectives in English
  • David and Rosa’s day
  • Definite article in English
  • Directions and how to ask for them
  • Essential vocabulary in English. The elementary communication
  • Everyday English — how to speak with friends and your grandmother
  • He likes skiing. Sports in Russia
  • How to find directions
  • In a restaurant
  • Names of school belongings
  • Ordinals in English
  • Set phrases in English
  • Slang expressions in English
  • Sports in America
  • Sports in England
  • Stolichnaya rules: how people of Russia entertain themselves
  • The English climate
  • The Past Indefinite Tense in English
  • Time Expressions in English
  • Town and country words in English

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