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ПКВЯз АНГЛ Базовый курс для лингвистов ( курс 1) (4570) , модуль 5 - Темы творческих работ (эссе) СГА

  • A business meeting
  • A formal letter. How to communicate at work
  • An acting life. How celebrities exist in this world
  • Business and career
  • Cinema and theatre in England and Russia
  • Countries, nationalities and languages of the world
  • England – the country of culture
  • Exotic tongues
  • In the country of the Brits and Scots
  • Life in the times of crisis
  • London - the capital of Great Britain
  • Moscow – the capital of Russia
  • My home town
  • New York
  • Radio sports report – the specificity of sports language
  • Sightseeing in England and Russia
  • Sports in Russia and the U.S
  • The Music of Highlands
  • The presentation of yourself
  • The Welsh culture and music
  • Writing a biography
  • Writing a postcard to your friend

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